These is Everything.

"What you know is not enough to address yourself as a HACKER," these is what my uncle told me when he heard some of my friends call me as HACKER. I was not happy at that moment by hearing that but that 12 word sentence made me wonder why said that to me. After giving thousand thoughts about that I came to know that no matter what you are and who you are you will never be able to learn everything because learning never ends like Sir Albert Einstein clearly stated that What ever he have learned in all of his life was not a Bucket of water and there were still Ocean full water that he was not aware of.

Today I want to confess one thing that is being a student whose parents is middle class and I don't get enough cash to recharge my internet's account on daily basis neither on weekly basis. I had no other option as I was almost always in need of internet access in my home so what I did was bored some cash from Mom and Dad saying I want to eat fast food and I use to go to internet cafe get their username and password and connect it at my home using that ID. But now I can't do that either because B-mobile have started a service by which I cannot anymore use others internet ID at my home so no more internet.

Since I could do that I considered myself as a hacker and there are lots of other thing that I know about technology though I never took any course but because of my interest in it. What I knew about computers was enough for kids of my age to call me as a hacker. But today I came to know that that was not it.

What you know is not that enough to fill a bucket of water so learn as much as you CAN...!