Network and Price.

People say that they love both the Network provider i.e Bmobile and Tashicell but I wonder why? I even had a courage to ask some of the people and the

Do they really charge you that less? While from my point of view I would say that no it's not that less compared to other countries and if you all don't believe in me then try to do research on the rate that is charged for the people using Internet in India and the offer that they give to their customers.

Next thing is right now all around the country the phone should have 3G frequency of 850Mz which can be found in only those phones that will cost you large amount of money except for some and the frequency is also different in Paro and Phuentsholing so we have to think about it.
y were saying that it's because they have 3G available almost all around the country and the cost that they are charged is cheap on the other hand.

Next to these right now most of the people around the country are middle class and not all of them can afford phones which is expensive so why not the network provider think about that and change the frequency to 900Mz so that almost all the phones that supports 3G in India will be able to support it here in Bhutan also.

And what I have learned learned about the different frequency of the network is that if the frequency is higher then it will cover less area but more users will be able to access the Internet. I don't know what is the plan of our Network provider but I would like to suggest they take note of these very strongly. And I know that it will cost them high but here its about making the customers happy, as the motto of the Bmobile itself is Always there for you so why can't you all be there for us always and everywhere. And Tashicell, Keep in touch: if you all can do that then I would say that we will really be able to keep in touch will our dear ones easily and almost most frequently.

Apart from all these I want to make it clear that I don't have any offense or bad feelings to any one rather I am just trying to share what I think is right.