Life is all about Change.

No matter what we do there is always something that we are unaware of which we will come to know after we finish doing the work or either in the future by looking at the past. Since my last post I have been thinking about what life really is? And the answer that I got was nothing.

I tried looking for answer by posting the same question in Facebook, there I got one very interesting answer which says that we start living life with lots of desire and as we continue to live on, we come to know that happiness is more important than all other things, on realizing that, that will be the time from which we start living life looking for happiness no matter how big or small the thing is, which I considered as the best answer thinking it actually defined life as a whole relating to all the human being.

Asking this question to myself I sometime get a feeling that am I not too young to ask such questions? Few days ago I was helping my neighbor in decorating his hotel when one of the well known business man, of Bajo town known as Gajey, came in the hotel with one lama and another an aged person. Looking at him I got a strange feeling, as I knew him and all his past. That he was once a driver in PWD, at that time he started doing business by selling scrap, and now he is one of the riches man in the town! Here, is it hard work? Patience? Or what really is it? Life? At that time I had no clue what really it was.

Apart from that I still remember the first day when I went to school crying in front of the school gate as my mother was asking me to enter the school without her. And few months back she was with me in the school to get my result of my Mid-term exam, which was actually the last of my school life. Other than that I remembered all those time when I was in different grades wondering when will I reach class 8,10 and 12 and so on. After reaching each grade I was like Oh! I use to think like that and now it feels like nothing and even in that time wondering about the higher grades.

After all these years of schooling I have reached my final grade of high school which I will be graduating after few months and looking back I feel like till date I have done nothing which would make others remember me even if I happen to die. Was my life worth it? Thinking about such things it makes me feel like I have wasted all those seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years.

We need to look back at our past, think about it and make a difference at present, so that we don’t have to regret by looking back to our past in future.

Think Wisely. 

Please consider if there is any mistake, as we all know that we learn through that.
Thank You.