MOM and DAD was happy!

After many years of sorrow now I finally see my parents happy but how? While on 3th of August there was an inter-class essay competition that was held where 1 student from each class was allowed to participate and I was the one from our class. I never thought that these was going to be so great for me as it was two years ago when I was in grade 8th that I went up near the podeam in some special day to receive a award and after I finished my 8th grade I had not been up there near that podeam for any award ceremony. Other than that in home and also in school, I was becoming naughty by doing wrong things. Apart from the schools schedule, particularly in my home I have hurt my parents so much that its going to be the most-worst memory of my teenage time in my life.

 I had broken many promises that I made with my parents and once i even ran away from the house proving my parents wrong not knowing what their love really was. But yesterday when I was there like usual in the assembly ground sitting with my friends clapping for the winners of the essay and debate competitor I was very  happy to hear my name in second position of essay competition. Before standing up I had a thought of my past when i use to go for reciving my award, and my heart started pumping even louder and quicker then usual which had never happened before. I thought that was because I have not been doing these for a while. After that I walked towards the podeam and received my award from our Vice Principal shaking hand with him.Then after the award ceremony I was there in the class talking with friends but that day it was not like other day because no one was happy with me as I could easily make it out from their expression. I thought it might be because I am working hard, so I leted it go thinking its okay these was just a starting. That day there was only one friend of mine who congrulated me for my victory and that was a girl too with whom I don't communicate so often, is it that I should have been congrulated by all of them? may be no because they already knew I was the winner. 

Duruing the interval one of my grade mate came to me and asked in a very harsh language asking me to open the prize that I was given with the certificate, I disagreed with him saying I want to show that to my parents as they will love to see such kind of thing from their son who was once very bad. After school I walked home straightly not even attending the prayer as I was very much excited to see happy face of my parents after 2 and a half year. I reached home took out the certificate and showed it first to my mom who was there in the shop, when I walked towards her, she noticed me coming with something hidden on my back, so she asked me what was it that i was hiding? so i showed her the award with the prize and when she saw that.....HER FACE TURNED VERY RED AND CONTROLLING HER TEARS SHE JUST SMILED AND SAID MY SON I LOVE YOU AND DO KEEP ME HAPPY LIKE TODAY EVER AFTER..... That was the most interesting thing and also a happy moment that I would always love to experience in my life from now on. And it's going to happen that way.

So guys if you think your parents are not happy with you better look for a place in which they will be happy with you and work hard as said, Harder You Work Luckier You Will Be!

But today it was all diffetrent in the school because I was not there in the prayer we were punished which really made me vey upset and also it was of no use explaining these to them because from the very first moment they frightened us by carrying a pipe as if they were going to kill us...