Good progress.

As far as I know I can say that Mr Passang a teacher of BajothangHSS is one of the well known blogger and also a good teacher. When the Rigsum firstly released Shering collection he was also there to attend the meeting. But before that in the school he was leading a club that particularly focused on inspiring other teachers and students to make good use of technology in their teaching. So when he was back to school from capital he shared his view with us, his club member. When he was sharing his view we were really inspired by the work that Rigsum was doing so we started to be like one of them. When sir Boaz Shmueli visit to our school duruing the Book Fair with his fiancĂ© who was both on the same tour that was to show the teachers around the country who will be there to buy a book in the book fair. From that day on our club member was divided into groups with each subject provided to make a video, like Mr Khan the creator of Khan Academy did. Our clubs first video that I made was uploaded on the web to inspire educational orginasation but it seemed that, that video made no difference. Next all the club member were asked to create a blog each so did we, and from that, we started to make audio books and collected as many exam papers of different grade as we can from differnent school and finally reached in making a question bank that was distributed in the school. But today I would say that our progress is really going fluently because three of our club member from grade 12 who have been studing HTML and  now Java Script finally came up with a offline page like Khan Academy's one that was avaliable in the sherig collection provided by Rigsum.