Krishna Arstami a ceremony held by PHPA in lobesa.

When I was playing a game in my house my mom came to me and asked me to get dressed up as we were going to lobesa which was about 10 Km towards Thimphu from Wangdue. I had no idea what it was all about but on the way I asked her what was it then she said that it was Krishna Arstami and there is going to be some holy ceremony there. Though I was not interested in it I had to go to make my mom feel happy. I was there walking after mom with my little brother who was also not that much interested in such kind of ceremony. So asking my dad to leave a phone with us me and my brother stayed outside. When I was there I found it very depressing when I could see the lower ranked employers were standing outside and looking in with so much of desire to enter the room as I could see In their eye how much faith they had in religion. So sad but interesting thing was I got a chance to talk with the Managing director of PHPA and also with his friends. When I was having a conservation with them he told me that he in in that post today because of his effort and also because it was his dream to be someone great in future and he worked towards it and now finally he was happy because of who he is today.Looking at his life from my point of view I too felt very happy seeing what we desired was fulfilled and what we worked towards was accomplished.

Guys we need to work hard.