Farewell speech for TP teachers.

Like a saying goes a drop of water makes a mity ocean you teacher each of you will be each drop of our ocean. It is not only these year but these happens every year a new teacher comes teach us for a while and leaves us because that is how it is meant to be. But today we are celebrating you dear teachers farewell but not because we are happy, but its because we want to remember you after leaving these school and particularly our class as our subject teacher. I and some no of other std who had dropped bio though were not there in your class but we too enjoyed a moment with you which made us go back to the times when we were also in our friends position. We don't want to forget you all and also we don't want you to forget us. The knowledge that we gained from your teaching is going to be very precious because that is like a most precious piece of the puzzle that makes the whole game incomplete if its missing. Sir on behave of my class would like to wish you all a very same journey and also best of Luck  in the work that you will be doing from now on and also we wish you to be our teacher in future even though we have only one year left. 

Thank you and we had a great time.