Country life with Howling.

Bhutan GMT +6:00 August 18th 2013 while that was yesterday and it was a full moon night. When I was is grade 9 I we studied a novel named Dawa, Story if a Stray Dog in Bhutan in which the main character Dawa is a dog and his main capability is in howling and he leads the howling pack in two of the country's town that is Paro and Thimphu. There it says that its kind of natural or they have to do it like its their culture and that was to howl on the full moon night. When I was reading that story I did not at all believed in it but guess what I feel like now I believe in it because yesterday when I was writing my chemistry notes I was not able to concentrate in it, guess why it was because the dogs were making such a noice that my brother who never wake up in his sleep also waked up and asked me brother was that my dream. When I asked him what was it? He said I was there writing something and there was huge number if dogs howling so loudly that whole buildings people were frightened at the dogs behavior. When I said that it was real he could not believe in me and looked out of the window and saw as same as it was in his dream.

For me that was the first time in my life until now that I have seen such a worst behavior of dogs, I would also say that I had not seen these kind of incidents even in a movie too.